Nothing Hurts When I'm Asleep

As embracing/expressing emotion continues to gradually come to light in humanity as a whole, expression through music has also evolved & taken shapes in new ways. For example, artist Autumnboy, hailing from Chippenham, a small town just outside Bristol, UK. Taking nostalgic influence from the genre bending legends Linkin Park, along with more modern influences of Being as an Ocean, Nothing/Nowhere, & GothBoiClique, Autumnboy has brought a unique sound to underground music.

He flows seamlessly through heartfelt choruses, spoken word poetry, & harsher yells that can’t be ignored. His vocal performances are highlighted by ambient guitar & synth leads, layered with aggressive drum kicks & hi hat patterns. Autumnboy brings an energy that takes a moment to digest. He captures your attention with catchy melodies, then hits you like a wave with the weight of his words. “There are so many things that pull me away. There are so many ways that I fall apart every day.” He sings on track “Unbelief”.

With topics of mental health struggles, depression, & anxiety, Autumnboy bears his heart in transparency that’s nothing short of relatable. He also stands strong in his representation of a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD), a topic not many have approached so directly & bravely, while openly sharing his journey in faith in a beautiful manor, without forcing it on the listener. Every song is a much needed reminder that healing is not linear. That we must be gentle with ourselves & recognize the fact that we are trying our best. Be sure to keep Autumnboy on your radar. You can find his music on all platforms, as well as his newest music video “Nothing Hurts When I’m Asleep” on the Sorrow Circle YouTube channel.

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