Wake Up Call - Review of "Wide Awake" by Samantha Stone

The latest offering from L.A. based darkpop artist, Samantha Stone is a true gem: a 2:22 single entitled “Wide Awake.” Stone wastes no time unleashing her heartfelt melancholy, accompanied by an incredible drum and guitar groove. Her longing, amplified by the warmth and presence of live instruments, brings a flood of mid-2000’s nostalgia. At the very center of this dreamscape, we find ourselves floating somewhere between reality and the immaterial. Stone’s voice, though distant, pulls us back into our bodies and more importantly, right into another relentlessly catchy chorus. It is somehow mysterious and familiar all at once -- It feels like the age of radio re-animated in all her glory. 

 “Wide Awake” is a welcome new venture in light of Stone’s previous single, “One Chance” which featured electronic drums almost exclusively, all begging the question, “what can’t she do?” Samantha Stone continues to showcase her tasteful expressions of love and longing through a dynamic range of musical stylings. Though the release of “Wide Awake” comes near the end of a turbulent year, it brings a feeling of expectancy and new beginning. Samantha Stone is an artist to watch heading into 2021.

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